Home Remedy Treatments for Whiteheads on Nose

If you have got whiteheads on nose , you will probably already know that they are a type of acne that can often  appear on the facial skin, especially in the T zone area.

They occur due to the over production of sebum or oil in your body.

This leads to the blockage of pores on skin with a build up of bacteria, dead skin cells and sebum in these pores.

This is the cause of the formation of white spots on the surface of skin. They can appear on the skin of both girls and boys as hormonal problems may be one of the major causes of excessive production of oil or sebum – although this may also occur due to some illness, intake of some medicines, menstruation and stress.

If you have whiteheads on nose, take care of the following:

whiteheads on nose

home remedies are amongst the safest ways of treating these spots without causing scarring

  • Do not prick or ‘pop’ them, unless you know how to use the lancet extractor tool and you are scrupulous about hygiene.
  • Avoid harsh treatments with abrasive exfoliants or strong chemical agents.
  • Sleeping with makeup must be strictly avoided.
  • Avoid fatty and refined foods where possible and increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The skin on the nose is highly sensitive and it is not easy to treat blemishes on this area. The treatment is a time-consuming process so prevention is the better way.

You can prevent whiteheads on nose by applying a regular daily skincare routine.

Use non-comedogenic products that will not block your pores, do not mix skin treatment products with different acne medications such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as this may cause irritation, flaking and peeling. 

Your diet has greater role in the prevention of this type of acne blemish and they can be treated effectively by adopting proper hygiene and a balanced diet.

Home remedies for whiteheads are the best way of treating them without causing any scar or infection. You should consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Water is essential for flushing out toxic substances from body. So drinking plenty of water is highly beneficial. Hormone balance can be regained by using some dietary supplements.

Effective home remedy treatments for whiteheads on nose

  • home remedy treatments for whiteheads

    Dried Neem leaf and Turmeric powder ground to a paste make an effective home remedy for whiteheads

    A paste of turmeric and neem leaves applied to the affected area.
  • A paste of orange peel and water is also very effective.
  • A paste of fenugreek leaves is useful for treating all types of acne.
  • A dab of tea tree oil applied to individual blemishes is also useful.
  • A mixture of cinnamon and natural lemon juice applied to the face for few minutes before rinsing with warm water. This is helpful for removing dead skin cells and is also beneficial for getting a smooth and soft skin.
  • Mix lemon juice with same amount of rose water and apply it on blemishes for 30 minutes. You should continue this treatment for two weeks.
  • Grated potato is an effective way of treating whiteheads. Apply it on affected area to remove harmful substances from your skin that are a major cause of acne.
  • Use a mixture of milk and lime juice for washing your face.
  • Make a facial scrub with a mixture of honey, salt and lemon. Then wash your face after 10 minutes. Too much lemon juice is not good for skin and it should be avoided if your skin becomes dry or sore.
  • Apply a mixture of yogurt and orange peel on your nose and any other problem areas. Leave on for as long as possible before rinsing off.
  • A paste of rose water and sandalwood is a highly effective and time-honored treatment for acne. Let the paste sit there for 10 minutes. Then wash it off by using lukewarm water.

Natural ingredients are used for the prepartion of these home remedies and these are highly beneficial for treating whiteheads on nose.

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