Think Twice Before Undergoing Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a process in which a laser is used to remove unwanted hair on a specific area of the body. The procedure may seem appealing to some women or even men who are tired of the shaving or waxing routine, but the procedure might not be as glamorous as it first seems, and might have unexpected side effects such as breakouts of acne whiteheads in the area treated – it could even be dangerous!

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth The Money?

hair removal using laser at a professional salon

Before you consider laser treatment for hair removal, consider the pros and cons very carefully

Before you consider laser treatment for hair removal, consider the pros and cons very carefully

In the procedure, a laser beam goes through the skin and singles out each hair follicle, and the heat of the laser damages the follicle and keeps it from growing back. While this sounds quick and simple, one has to wonder: is it really as permanent as advertised, and is it worth your money in the end? It’s important for those considering laser hair removal to do some heavy research before committing to a procedure.

The Hair Removal Is Not Permanent
The truth is laser hair removal isn’t guaranteed to be permanent, the hot laser will definitely damage the follicle and may slow the growth of your hair, but in order to extend the amount of time it takes for hair to grow back, you’ll need more than one treatment. Sometimes hair grows back eventually lighter or thinner – but it’s important to not expect smooth, soft, hairless skin for the rest of your life after one session. What is also failed to be mentioned is that the lasers are only attracted to dark hair, therefore only working on dark hair, so if your body hair is fair, you will most likely not see much for results.

The Costs Can Really Add Up
Considering the fact that you may need multiple sessions to get the results you want, you have to then consider the cost of more than one treatment. One session can cost as much as $500 – but the cost ultimately depends on the experience of your dermatologist and from which area of the body you want hair removed. Most patients average two or three sessions for that particular area of their body – so if you want to get two areas of your body, such as arms and legs, add up the prices and decide if you think it’s worth it.

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What About The Side Effects of Hair Removal Using Laser?
Aside from the cost and uncertainty of whether or not the procedure is permanent, there are also some side effects or risks associated with the procedure – just like with every medical procedure. Some of the risks linked to laser hair removal include infections, skin irritation, burns or even permanent scars so you should consider whether you want to risk getting scarred permanently the area treated.
Acne and Whiteheads After Laser Treatment

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B001AC0HPK” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”44″]Even more recipients report on acne forming on the area which the laser hair removal was performed, that whiteheads, pimples, or acne-like rashes form a day or two after the procedure. If these irritations are picked at or popped, they can scar very, very easily, and since in most cases they appeared in dense patches, if scarring does occur, then it could be serious. If you’re lucky enough not to suffer this type of breakout on your skin normally, having a crop of spots and whiteheads can be damaging to self-esteem, and of course to your skin itself, potentially leaving you scarred.

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Depending on your type of skin and hair, your body might not respond to the laser hair removal treatments the way you think. Some patients’ hair grows back simply thinner or lighter, no matter how many sessions they have. If you’re set on having laser hair removal, think again about the cost and risks associated with a procedure that doesn’t absolutely guarantee the results you may be hoping for.

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