How To Remove Whiteheads

Do you want to learn how to remove whiteheads right away? These blemishes can happen at any time and when they do, they can be quite distressing because they generally appear on the most visible part of your face, the T zone.

They are hard to pinch and squeeze and some of them are difficult to remove using cleansers and other methods.

tool for extracting comedonesIf you have this type of condition on your skin, you may want to look for a tool to help you to remove the actual white head of the pimple. These extractor tools, as they are called, are some of the best solutions for immediate use.

When choosing a method for getting rid of these blemishes, keep in mind the importance of choosing a product that is easy to use.

There is nothing worse than investing in a tool that is too hard to use or too difficult to make function the way it should. Keep in mind that most of these products work in a similar way.

These tools will grip around the pimple’s white top and squeeze or pry the top of it off. They work very well to get rid of that hard, white substance that needs to break through.

How to remove whiteheads with an extractor tool

Our recommended extraction tools for whiteheads and blackheads

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Do take the time to review several of the pimple removers on the market. These products work in different ways. Some will squeeze the tip of the pimple to push the pus out. Others will force it out using a suction method. Still others work to cleanse the skin and in turn remove the tops of these pimples. It is important for you to consider which method is the right one for your skin. Sometimes, it is a process to determine which of these methods is the best at how to remove whiteheads.

The Panasonic pore cleanser pictured below is a popular and effective vacuum extraction tool for whiteheads and blackheads.

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As you consider using an extractor tool for this process, be sure to do a few things first. Always disinfect the product using a mild soap and hot water. Using a hygienic tool is critical as it ensures that you will be able to protect your skin during this process. If there are germs on the tool, those germs will enter into your skin, worsening your condition or causing a secondary infection.

Video Tips on Removing Whiteheads using an Extractor

When using this as a method for removing whiteheads from your skin, also learn that there are still additional steps for you to take after you take the top off these pimples. Your skin underneath may be red or painful. Use a gentle cleansing soap to wash your face immediately afterward. Then, pat it dry. Do not rub it. It is also a good idea for you to keep the skin clean as long as possible, without the application of makeup or other topical treatments, for a few hours.

By allowing these tools to work for you, you will have more control over getting rid of  the whiteheads you hate to have on your skin. Choose the product carefully and then use it according to the manufacturer’s directions. However, it is important to learn how to remove whiteheads in the long term too by keeping your skin clean and drinking enough fluids as well.