Beautiful Skin From the Inside Out

Healthy, radiant skin does not have to be expensive. All too often, we find ourselves looking in the mirror, wishing for flawless skin, purchasing pricey treatments and never seeing positive results.

As a country, we spend billions of dollars each year on products, hoping to achieve a beautiful look. If one product doesn’t do the trick, we upgrade. We spend more money and more time, trying products that never provide us with the beautiful skin we want to be seen in.

lifestyle changes for healthy skin

Making some simple lifestyle changes could make all the difference to the health of your skin.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”1905744501″ locale=”us” height=”250″ src=”” width=”162″]What if some simple lifestyle changes were all you needed to feel comfortable in your skin? Paying better attention to what you eat and spending your time exercising will allow your skin to shine. Simple dietary and routine adjustments are affordable ways to achieve beautiful skin from the inside out.

Our skin thrives on natural sources of vitamins and minerals. It also thrives from a good workout. Knowing these two ideas are true, you can only come to one conclusion; a healthy diet and regular exercise leads to positive changes in your skin’s appearance, without the huge price tag.

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What Not to Eat
Junk food, packaged foods and fatty foods should all be avoided when riding on the train to “beautiful skin city”. Foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat will fill you up, but leave you empty of some essential nutrients. If you don’t give your body what it needs, not even the most expensive products can tackle your complexion ailments. Consuming too much unhealthy food can lead to increased chance for allergies or other skin ailments. Skin can become red and itchy, swollen and uncomfortable, which is not at all how we want our skin to look and feel. Staying away from junk foods will help improve matters immediately.

Now That’s More Like It
Antioxidants are the lifeblood to beautifully, healthy skin. While also good for your skin, the nutrients from antioxidants are vital to preventing even more complicated diseases such as heart disease. Berries, nuts and spinach are just a few of the foods that will help keep the elasticity in your skin. Having your 30th birthday ten times won’t be so hard to pull off anymore.

spinach rich in Vitamin A

Spinach is a rich source of Vitamin A

Speaking of spinach, Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant, and spinach is packed full of Vitamin A. Green foods are good for cell growth and help slow your skin’s aging process. If you don’t like greens, try a mango. It’s loaded with Vitamin A too. If you are adventurous, try some greens combined with fruits as a smoothie. The sweetness of the fruit will help mask the vegetable taste, providing you with a treat your complexion will love.

Exercise Is Not Optional


exercise is essential for healthy skin

Exercise is necessary to have young, glowing skin. Getting your blood flowing allows your skin cells to become well-nourished. The added oxygen and nutrients help increase your skin’s collagen levels, keeping those wrinkles out of sight. Exercise can also help flush out the dead cells from your internal systems, keeping your external shell looking young and vibrant. Always shower after a workout so you can rinse away the impurities that you sweated out. Your skin will look incredibly healthy with exercise added to your way of life.

Looking for help with blemishes and spots?
Improving your diet and taking more exercise will improve your skin over time but if you need to tackle existing blemishes, these articles in our skin care advice category might be of help right now!

Comfortable In Your Own Skin
beautiful skinYou probably knew it all along that eating right and exercising regularly could improve the way your skin looks. So now is the time to take charge and be in control of your skin’s health. You don’t need to spend your money testing skin care products in search of the perfect one. Just eat right and give that awesome body of yours a good sweat. With all the money you will save, you will have plenty to spend on a new outfit and a night out – to a salad bar, of course. Always remember that with any lifestyle change, determination and strength are needed to stay on the right track to get the right results. For your skin’s sake, be strong.

Jessie Vyvyan is a freelance writer for Medical ID Bracelet Marketplace, a Hope Paige company that provides stylish medical alert bracelets for those with allergies, diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer and more.

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