Homemade Treatment For Whiteheads

Acne Treatments that will help to get rid of blemishes can be expensive and they also contain strong medication in many cases.

This is why many people prefer trying a homemade treatment for whiteheads and blackheads first.

Some people prefer to use more natural remedies and this is where home remedies for acne blemishes can be very useful.

Here are some tips for treatments to help you remove whiteheads using ingredients you are almost certain to have at home. You could try these for yourself this evening and see an improvement in your skin by the morning!

Homemade Salt Scrub for Whiteheads

My favourite treatment for whiteheads is to make a simple salt scrub using ordinary milk from the fridge, lemon juice and couple of teaspoons of table salt. Just put the salt into a shallow bowl, squeeze on about a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and mix with a little milk to make a wash that can be applied to the skin with cotton wool. This helps to deep cleanse pores, soak up excess oil and rid your skin of blemishes. It also leaves skin feeling lovely and soft.

Effective Treatment For Whiteheads From Your Garden!

treatment for whiteheads

honey is a great skin treatment, check out our honey and oatmeal treatment for whiteheads below!

Whitehead Pimples respond well to many herbal treatments. Basil is a herb that many of us use in cooking, just make a tea using dried basil leaves and allow this to cool. You will need about three teaspoons of the dried herb to make one cup of the tea which you do not drink! You need to apply this to your face with cotton wool and allow it to dry whilst you relax for about twenty minutes. Rinse off with tepid water and your blemishes should be considerably better.

To find out more about the amazing properties of Basil, why not take a look at this handy fact sheet from the Herb Society of America that you can download if you wish – here is the link http://www.herbsociety.org/factsheets/Basil Guide.pdf

You can make another effective homemade acne treatment for whitehead pimples by blending about four inches of a cut cucumber in a blender. Leave the skin on and whizz until you get a smooth paste. Spread onto your face and cover with some facial tissues. Leave this in place for about half an hour and then wipe off the residue before rinsing your face with cool water. If you do not have cucumber, you could substitute pulped tomato, but do not leave this on your face for as long before rinsing, ten to fifteen minutes will be adequate as tomato is quite acidic.

An Easy Homemade Face Mask Treatment for Whiteheads

Blackheads can be extremely stubborn blemishes to shift. Steaming your face before using a homemade acne treatment mask is a great way to loosen them and bring them to the surface. This two step method brings great results, is easy to do and very relaxing.

facial steamer

facial steamer

First, steam your face. If you do not have a facial steamer, all you need is a bowl of boiled water which you can position your head over (drape a towel over to make a sort of tent to make the steam more effective) is about it. However adding some herbs to the water will make the treatment more pleasant and more effective. Add a handful of lavender or rosemary or some fresh mint for a very soothing experience. Facial steamers are inexpensive at Amazon – please use the link to take a look at some of the great products on offer!

Next apply your face mask. I find it is best to make this first and pop it into the fridge whilst I steam my face. This honey and oatmeal mask is very simple to make. Use one portion of ordinary breakfast oatmeal and cook as directed but for only about three quarters of the cooking time suggested on the packet (this varies by brand so do check the directions).

What you are aiming for is to still have a little texture in the mix. Leave this to cool before adding some clear honey. You need to add enough to make a spreadable mixture but not so much that it will not stay on your face. Apply the mixture to your face and relax for twenty to thirty minutes before rinsing off.

This treatment for whiteheads is great for gently exfoliating, controlling excess oil, soothing inflammation in blemishes and gives the effect of an expensive beautician treatment for hardly any expense.

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