Simple, Effective Home Facial For Teenage Skin

know your skin type

It is important to know your skin type before embarking on a home facial

If you are a teenager with oily skin, prone to acne breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads, the chances are that you are looking for the best way to remedy the problem without spending a lot of money. Dermatologist and beautician treatments are effective and make a wonderful treat. To be really effective, they need to be used regularly which may be out of your price range at this time in your life.

In this article we are going to look at how to give yourself a simple, but effective facial at home and improve your skin, whatever your skin type.

If you were to go to a dermatologist or beautician to get a facial treatment, the chances are that only very mild ingredients and products would be used on your skin. If you want to give yourself a facial at home, this works in your favour as all the ingredients you will need are readily available. So, set aside a little time to pamper yourself and we will look at the steps required to give yourself a salon-quality facial at home and leave your skin looking and feeling much better!

Before we start, be sure you know your skin type.

Because you are looking for a facial to improve acne blemishes and breakouts, I am assuming that it is unlikely that you have dry skin. However, your skin may be oily, combination or sensitive. Let’s take a look at the implications.

If your skin is oily, be sure to use oil-free, non-comedogenic products that are especially designed for oily skin. Look for facial masks that are clay-based as these will help to blot up the excess oil. Even if your skin is really oily, do not skip the moisturizer part as ensuring your skin is properly moisturized with an effective oil-free moisturizer stops the sebaceous glands from overcompensating for the removal of the excess oil from your skin by making even more – this is where a lot of people go wrong and end up making their problems worse!

If you have more blackheads, whiteheads and pimples on the T zone of your face (chin nose and forehead), you may well have combination skin. So you might need to use a combination of products, using those for oily skin mentioned above and more hydrating products on the drier parts of your face, usually the cheeks and jaw line. Products containing alpha hydroxyl acids are good for helping to even out skin tone between the oilier and the drier areas of your face.

If your skin is very sensitive and you are suffering from acne blemishes, be sure to use only the very mildest products and try to steer clear of any containing fragrances. Look for ‘hypoallergenic’ or ‘dermatologist tested’ on the product labelling. Take extra care when exfoliating and only use the vey mildest, fine grained exfoliating scrub product you can find.

A teenage facial needs the following steps

Get ready!
First, secure your hair in a hair band, ensuring it is clipped away from your face and will not fall onto your skin during your treatment.

A light cleansing in preparation
Lightly cleanse your face with a mild cleanser. Use gentle circular motions, paying particular attention to any problem areas. This step should only take a moment.

A facial steaming step

facial steamer

facial steamer

If you do not have a facial steamer, this would be a great item to ask for as a birthday or Christmas gift – they are not expensive and although not essential, they make the whole process so much easier. Assuming you do not have a steamer, half fill a large bowl with boiling water, add a few fresh herbs such as rosemary , thyme or lavender if you wish. Position your face a few inches from the surface of the water with a large towel draped over your head to contain the steam. You need to stay in this position for fifteen to twenty minutes so some good music to listen to is a great idea!

A deep cleansing step
Your pores will have become more open during the steaming so you can now repeat the cleansing step above and you will be surprised at what comes out of your pores!

An exfoliating step
Now use an exfoliating product to slough off those dead skin cells. This is very important as not only does it leave the younger, fresher looking skin cells exposed on the surface which makes your complexion look so much better, but it also stops those dead cells from clogging up your pores and leading to blackheads and whiteheads.

A facial mask to refine the skin

mud mask

A clay or mud-based mask makes a great skin refining treatment

Now it is time for a relaxing facial mask. If your skin is oily, you can use a clay mask all over your face once or twice a week. If your skin is combination, you may want to restrict this to the central T zone and only use it all over your face every other time or even just once in a while. If your skin is sensitive, be sure to use a face mask designed especially for sensitive skin as otherwise your skin could be left feeling uncomfortably tight. There is a huge range of skin refining clay mask products to choose from on Amazon – take a look using the link provided!

Final step, moisturize
Finally, whatever your skin type, be sure to finish with plenty of a moisturizing product that is suitable for your skin. Be sure to use only oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizers but never be tempted to skip this step.

I hope you will enjoy your pampering session with a simple home facial and that you will repeat this once or twice a week to start seeing smoother, clearer, blemish-free skin!

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