Home Phototherapy For Acne Whiteheads and Pimples

If you suffer from skin blemishes caused by acne, including blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, you could treat your skin at home using a home phototherapy system that is effective at killing acne bacteria without causing the side effects associated with some acne medications.

Many people suffering from skin acne problems, are turning to home phototherapy as a treatment option for the condition. Acne is a skin condition associated with sebaceous glands. Approximately 80% of people are affected at some time in their life. It starts in adolescence when hormonal changes happen in the body. Sebaceous glands become enlarged, but the opening of the glands become narrowed and sebum can become trapped. This can lead to bacterial growth of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), the acne causing bacteria. Though blemishes or lesions caused by whitheads and pimples will heal over time, they leave unsightly scar marks on the skin.

Different types of treatment are available for acne, but many patients do not respond to the required extent and may develop side effects. Medications meant for topical application may cause skin irritation. Moreover, 40% of the acne bacteria are not sensitive to antibiotics used orally and in topical treatments.

What Is Phototherapy?

sunlight can improve acne

sunlight can improve acne but skin damage from too much UV light makes it unsuitable as a treatment

It is a known fact that exposure to sunlight can reduce acne due to the antibacterial effect of the ultraviolet light spectrum. Many people notice that their skin improves during the summer months but, it is not possible to use this as a treatment as long-term exposure to sunlight can damage the skin.

However, this led to the findings that some of the visible violet light present in sunlight, in the range 415 – 430 nm, effectively kills P. acnes by activating porphyrin. In blue light therapy for acne treatment, a concentrated stream of blue light is used to treat mild and moderate acne conditions. It is a safe and painless acne treatment method. The method is considered safe as a few porphyrins are naturally found in the skin.

FDA has approved the acne light treatment using some lightwave systems. Overall improvements have been seen in around 80% of the patients over a period of three months – although it should be pointed out that in approximately 10% of the users there is very little or no improvement at all. The treatment is given with the blue light only or in combination with application of a topical solution.

In blue light therapy for acne treatment, the patients can lie or sit down and the light source is positioned close to the patient’s face for 20 to 30 minutes (although this time span may vary according to the equipment used). Generally, treatments sessions are scheduled weekly. The number of treatments required will depend on severity of the condition. Considerable improvements in skin condition can be seen after 2 to 4 weeks of treatment.

Typically, blue light therapy for acne treatment will cost around $40 per sitting. A course of treatment may cost up to $1000 – $1500.

Treat your blemishes with home phototherapy!

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home phototherapy

home phototherapy before and after results with the ANSR system

A cheaper alternative is home phototherapy using ANSR Acne Care Starter Kit which comes with a handheld phototherapy device and acne topical. ANSR is a simple, three-step program that can be used conveniently at home.

The first step is to prepare the skin for recovery by removing the dead skin cells. The cleaner the skin, the deeper will be the ANSR: BEAM penetration (BEAM is the name of the hand-held device).

The second step involves using ANSR: BEAM. This is a handheld device which can be recharged. It emits blue and red light waves in a narrowly focused beam. While blue light kills the acne causing bacteria, red light removes the redness, scars and marks.

The third step is to use ANSR: DAY and ANSR: NIGHT to clear existing blemishes with the help of AURAZIN, a proprietary blend of minerals and botanicals.

Extract from customer review:

ANSR acne care

ANSR acne care starter kit

“I was recommended light therapy once but given the price tag, I never tried it. So when I found this I decided to give it a try. My husband and I could share it and get our money back if it didn’t work.

So we’ve been using it for 5 days now and I totally notice a difference. My discolorations from previous acne have lightened and the number of pimples has significantly decreased.”

The light therapy is used to treat papules and pustules that are inflamed and red. Really severe acne lesions such as cysts and nodules do not respond to it well. Home phototherapy using handheld devices is done twice a day. Treatment using tabletop home phototherapy devices last for 10-15 minutes with the person sitting very close to the device.

Extract from customer review:-

“Within a few days I noticed significantly improved skin pigmentation, a decrease in overall pimples, including the blackheads on my nose, and an overall healthy glow and clarity.”

Experts are of the opinion that home phototherapy devices provide better light penetration, but may have to be used for 30 minutes to 1 hour twice a day. Goggles are required to be used with light therapy devices since blue light can harm the retina. Light therapy can be used in conjunction with other acne therapies except isotretinoin (Accutane/Roaccutane).

With home phototherapy machines there are hardly any side effects. This is because the level of UV light in these devices is very low. Some people with very sensitive skin may feel slight irritation or redness.

Conclusion on Home Phototherapy

ANSR acne care starter kit with handheld phototherapy device costs $185 which makes it good value against the cost of an individual professional treatment. The pictures on the Amazon product page tell their own story. Home phototherapy devices can produce really good results and can be used as an adjunct to ongoing acne therapy.

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