What Causes Whiteheads On Chin

If you are wondering what causes whiteheads on chin because you have a crop of them affecting just that spot – this is exactly the position I was in recently.

I think I may have discovered at least one possible reason for these, stick with me!

I am going to explain – and also show you the recommended products for fixing this problem for only a few dollars!

what causes whiteheads on chinI went online and was reading some questions and answers on Yahoo, whilst doing more research on what causes whiteheads for this site. I came across a question by a lovely lady who said that up until recently she had really good skin, however this all changed back in the summer when despite not making any changes to her normal skin care routine, her chin suddenly erupted in clusters of whiteheads. It seemed like the one place she got them the most was on the right side of the chin and again occasionally on her forehead.

This lady said that she had tried popping them and found that they were still noticeable. She was using Olay blackhead remover which was effective on the blackheads but not the whiteheads. She had even tried eliminating the bacteria using hydrogen peroxide (rather harsh I think, not something I would recommend)!

Anyway, in desperation she asked on Yahoo answers to try to find out what causes whiteheads and in particular this crop of them on her chin – because she said that she didn’t have the money to spend out on beautician treatments. She got a great answer about some inexpensive products to use that are really effective – but before I come to this, I wanted to say that this lady’s experience and what she said about where she got the blemishes set me thinking that I believe I know what causes whiteheads in these areas for this lady.

My Theory!
The fact that this lady got the whiteheads on one area on one side of her chin and another patch on her forehead got me thinking that what triggered them in her case was quite simply touching her face with her fingertips. I know I am really guilty of holding my phone to the left ear with my pen in my right hand and then whilst I am listening and thinking, I have this really bad habit of touching my chin with the side of my index finger and the side of my thumb. It is a habit I am trying to break and stop myself every time I catch myself doing it because this is causing my skin to break out right there too!

Anyway, that’s a little tip from me, but as I am always looking for new products that are not only effective, but also inexpensive, I thought I would give the products recommended a try as this lady bought them and was really pleased with them.

The two products recommended
[nsl-link label=stivesgreenteacleanser]

St Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea CleanserThis is a great product from St Ives which is suitable for both men and women and is designed to treat existing acne blemishes and help prevent future ones with its formulation of natural green tea and Salicylic acid.

Anyways, this St Ives Green Tea Cleanser not only reduces breakouts and deals with whiteheads but it is also dermatologist tested to be hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (will not clog pores) and is totally oil free. I also like the fact that it contains none of the ‘nasties’ parabens and phthalates.
All you have to do to is use this every day by applying it to your face and neck using your fingertips and rinse off. Make sure you don’t get it in your eyes though (if you do, flush with loads of cool water).

[nsl-link label=stivesnaturallycleargreenteascrub]

St Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea ScrubThis product should be used as well as the cleanser and contains the same basic salicylic acid and natural green tea formula. This is great for getting rid of those dead skin cells that dull the complexion and block the pores setting the whole process of blemishes off once again. This product really works without being too abrasive and actually reduces the irritation and redness on your skin. This doesn’t contain any ‘nasties’ either!

One additional product that wasn’t included in the recommendations but which I like to use because even us older ladies get problems with whiteheads – is this one:-

[nsl-link label=StIvesCollagenElastinFaceMoisturizer]

St Ives Collagen Elastin Face MoisturizerThis includes lovely, natural ingredients, including apricots, olives and natural minerals. I love it because although it is non-comedogenic so it will not clog up the pores, it contains collagen and elastin proteins which help to hydrate my skin and leave it feeling lovely and smooth and soft. I am glad to say that the collagen included is entirely plant derived, there are no animal ingredients in this product!
You just use it morning and evening on your face and neck but don’t use it on or immediately around your eyes.

What Causes Whiteheads Explained

So, my extra bit of research into what causes whiteheads led to a little bit of detective work about the probable cause in this lady’s case (touching her chin and transferring bacteria from her fingers to her skin) – but it also led me to discover three great products which I can buy together on Amazon for less than $20 (yes, that’s the price for all three!). So if you have been trying to find out what causes whiteheads on chin, see if you do the same habit as me when you are on the phone – you might have just found your answer!

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