How To Clean Clogged Pores

You are interested in how to clean clogged pores on face and nose to remove whiteheads.

But first you have to understand what you are dealing with. Whiteheads are often associated with oily skin, acne prone skin, or combination skin.

Whiteheads are very similar to the other often dreaded term; blackheads.

However for whiteheads, instead of the skin pore being completely blocked, bacteria within the skin pore causes a small amount of pus to form. The little bit of pus that forms is actually not enough to cause infection or inflammation, but just enough so that you see a bit of pus surface which would be what we all call the whitehead.

Combating Whiteheads, How To Clean Clogged Pores

As you might already know from various sources, the first thing to do in combating whiteheads is to reduce oil production. How do you go about it? The key is to reduce blocked pores. Remember to wash your face frequently, perhaps twice a day and use an exfoliating scrub regularly – ideally at night before sleeping as that would be probably when the most amount of dirt is clogged in your skin pores.
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What could also be used that is highly recommended to combat whiteheads is an aloe vera based scrub wash, which can reduce any inflammation on sensitive skin too. Make sure the exfoliator you use is not too coarse – (does not have rough and jagged beads that might hurt sensitive skin), but rather with a smooth bead. Next, use a toner which has anti-inflammation properties as a safe guard. For the last step, use a moisturizer which is not oily, as too much oil can clog the skin pores as well,causing your whiteheads to worsen.

how to clean clogged poresKeep a look out for facial skin care product ingredients. Using a product which contains beta hydroxy acid such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid would be good. These gentle acids penetrate deeper down into the pores to bring the dirt to the surface and expel it, preventing blockage of pores that might lead to the dreaded whiteheads.

You can also use a good oil control gel which can help to clear up oil produced on skin. However, do remember that you would still need to moisturize, as oily skin may produce too much oil to compensate which would lead to clogged pores again, if the face is washed too much and becomes stripped of the natural oils.

This is a very important fact often neglected. Some people with oily skin might find even with frequent face washing (resulting in over-drying of face), their whiteheads or acne condition might worsen, as it is all due to the overcompensation of the oil producing glands on the skin when a suitable moisturizer is not used to buffer the oil on the skin.

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How To Clean Clogged Pores? Clean Up Your Diet First

Diet would also be a pretty important factor in determining your facial condition. A cleaner diet would be desirable, and you can introduce more organic vegetables and fruits into your meals, as well as some lean protein. Effort should be made to cut out most of the refined packaged processed food – this includes the carbohydrates, the sugars such as the sodas even diet soda, sports drink and fruit juices. It can go a long way to help your body heal itself and keep your clogged pores, clogged no more!

My Whiteheads Look Awful, Can I Just Squeeze Them?

Please try not to squeeze them. If you really must do so, do it after a hot bath or shower and with clean hands and short fingernails. Wrap your fingertips in tissue to avoid slipping and the risk of scarring your skin. Make sure to squeeze your whiteheads carefully or you may end up worsening your facial condition.

A better way instead of squeezing your whiteheads would be to:-

  • 1. Wash your face with a facial wash twice a day, and exfoliate at night as often as needed
  • 2. Use an anti-inflammation toner to buffer your skin before applying a moisturizer
  • 3. Moisturize your skin, (for oily skin moisturize lightly)

Learning how to clean clogged pores is simple, so take action and say goodbye to whiteheads and blemishes!

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